Kickin' Off Summer Sales!

Summer is officially here, but our sales in the bookstore have been soaring all year!  We are selling a record number of Adventure Passes this year, a reflection of the increased usage of our forest.  I have added some new book titles to the inventory, check out "Wilderness Navigation" and the really handy, backpack size "Wildflower" Guide!  Also a few new children's books including "Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?" and the very popular Dr. Seuss books with the Cat In The Hat - "Why Oh Why Are The Deserts So Dry?" and "Miles and Miles of Reptiles".  We have a great selection of children's books that really encourage kids to enjoy their time outdoors! 

As always, patches and pins are best-selling items!  Many people collect them and we have every Smokey patch and lapel pin that is available.  If we don't have it, I'll get it!  

Of course, maps and books are the back-bone of our store, but having a large selection of educational, fun and practical merchandise shows the public that visits the Ranger Station they can find just about anything they need for a day hike, gift or a memorable Smokey Bear souvenir!

I am always so appreciative for Laura Verdugo and her staff at the front desk. They handle all of our sales for us, without them, we would need volunteers there all the time.  Next time you're in the Ranger Station, say "thanks" to Laura!   

If you ever need something we don't have, just let me know and I will get it for you, and don't forget - volunteers receive 15% off everything in our bookstore!

Have a great summer!