Birding at Lake Hemet

We have one more scheduled bird walk at Lake Hemet this year on Wed, October 31st. Birding at the lake is different throughout the year. Full-time resident birds make space for the migrants and the winter residents.

California Scrub Jay - Copy.JPG

There are a few birds that I can guarantee that we will see like this California Scrub Jay. It’s reassuring seeing all the jays busy replanting our forests. Although they have fantastic memories for where they cache their nuts, some of them get overlooked and have a chance to become a sapling.

Bald Eagle (2) - Copy.JPG

We should also see one of the resident Bald Eagles. If we are lucky, we will see one in flight. Last week on our bird walk, we saw a huge number of raptors - Bald Eagle, Northern Harrier, American Kestrel, White-tailed Kite, Red-shouldered Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk and a Merlin!

DSC00940 - Copy.JPG

Another great find last week was three Black-crowned night herons. It was the first recorded sighting in 10 years and our first so that was a fun moment!

Red-breasted Sapsucker fsva.JPG

This beautiful Red-breasted Sapsucker lives down at Lake Hemet. We don’t always see them but when we do, it is unforgettable!


Finally, although it is called a bird walk, we stop and enjoy other beautiful and not so beautiful “critters” that we encounter whether they are crawling, slithering or perched. It’s all about getting out and enjoying this special place!