Our New Facebook Group!

In our last board meeting it was suggested to have an area where everyone could easily message each other and post information to our group. The easiest way to do this is using Facebook, so we now have our very own Facebook Group! This is a private group for our volunteers only - to participate, you need a Facebook account and then go to our page: 
and click the button that says "Join Group". You will then be approved. 

For easy access, I have also posted a link to our group on our Volunteer Portal home page.

All members can post photos, events, and comments to share with the others. Last minute request to find someone to patrol with you? Want to share an experience?  Here's your solution! Of course, your input will only be seen by those people who have joined this group, and not everyone in our volunteer community may choose to do that. If you have something you want to share with all volunteers, email your coordinator. 

Since this is a moderated group, any material deemed inappropriate is subject to removal.

If anyone has any questions or needs assistance, feel free to contact me.  Happy Posting!!

Patty Andersen, FSVA Web Information Coordinator