Bob's Bits May 01, 2017

What a great refresher training we had on April 29!  I was able to see new and returning volunteers I had not seen since the Volunteer Appreciation Party in Nov. 2016.  For some of our group these two events may be the only chance we have to see old friends and meet new volunteers. We work independently as volunteer wilderness rangers.  It is nice to not be held to the confines of 4 walls and a roof.  We are so lucky!  I am excited about the 2017 season!  We have some great programs to get involved in but the mainstays are still important-wilderness ranger patrol, equestrian patrol, front desk coverage.  

Watch the calendar in the volunteer portal for new events you may be interested in.  Robin and Patti H.  have some great programs forthcoming and are looking to add more.  Remember to check the volunteer portal on a regular basis to stay up to date. 

Rick will be looking for volunteers to cover the Devils Slide/Humber Park trail head starting on Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and covering weekends through Labor Day Weekends.  Please see if your calendar has some time.  

Thank you to all who attended the refresher training on April 29.  Thank you to the board and other volunteers who helped out with the training program.  Special Thanks to Andy and John for their support and participation in the training.  If you could not make the refresher training please contact your coordinator to make up the refresher training in the field.

I look forward to seeing everyone out on the trail.  Thank you,

Bob Romano