Engine 57 Pins Donation

FSVA is making our second donation to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation!  The proceeds from the sale of Engine 57 pins last October through December has enabled us to donate $1,708.67our first donation.  From sales January through July of this year, we are donating $550.00 to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation in memory of our Vista Grande Hot Shot, Brent Witham. Our Forest Service family suffered this tragic loss during the Lolo Fire in Montana.  The Vista Grande Hot Shots are a very tight-knit, highly skilled firefighter family and their loss was felt throughout our district and region. 

The Engine 57 pins are the artwork of Suzie Carlson, Fire Patrol on our district and she generously donated her talent for us to have these made last year.  The pins commemorate the tragic loss of our five firefighters during  the Esperanza Fire, October 26, 2006.   They will NEVER be forgotten and this was a way for us to honor their memory.  We will continue to sell them in our bookstore and make donations from the proceeds.  The Wildland Firefighter Foundation supports the families that suffer these tragic losses. 

While most of our time and efforts are spent in the wilderness, we also have a mission to support the US Forest Service in other ways, such as our firefighters that risk their lives every single time they go out there.  We have a good relationship with the Fire Division and want them to know we are here for them in any time of need. We know they have our backs if we need them!

Esperanza Pin 1.jpg