Gold Mine Trail

January 5, 2019


What a great way to start 2019! Fourteen wilderness ranger volunteers headed up the Hemet Belle goldmine trail in Garner Valley. Chip Hurn, equestrian ranger, was our official leader of the day.


Patty Anderson has led lots of trips up this trail so she was also a great wealth of knowledge on this really cool trail!


This was the first interesting stops along the trail. An arrastra is a spot where the gold is separated from the rock by the work of a mule going around in circles. Not quite sure exactly how it works so check it out for yourself.


I think I can speak for the group when I say that we all LOVED Jack’s Shack! The views were incredible. Evidently, he was a prospector. Who knows if he was successful but he sure had a stellar location!


Nearby, we found a tub. Perhaps, it belonged to Jack.


Along the trail, we found some really neat artifacts like this cart. BTW, if you happen to go on this trail, please do not advertise to the public. We don’t want anyone trying to cart things home.

DSC01463 - Copy.JPG

This is one of the visible mines along the trail. Two of the mines we passed were barred off to prevent entry by humans and to protect hibernating bats. They need a place to hibernate in the winter without being disturbed to conserve energy.

Here we are at the end of the trail.

Here we are at the end of the trail.


Our trail adventure ended with Chip showing us the “Hidey Hole” that he discovered. It definitely does not belong to miners. It is an interesting hideout among the boulders. If you weren’t able to attend the social hike this year, be sure to come next year. We always have a great time!

Enjoy the Winter where ever you find yourself! Robin

Left to Right - Joe, Rick, Chris, Ron, Darien, Patty, Dan, Bill, Jana, Bob, Robin, Chip and Patti

Left to Right - Joe, Rick, Chris, Ron, Darien, Patty, Dan, Bill, Jana, Bob, Robin, Chip and Patti

Mid summer news

We have reached the middle of the busy summer vacation season here in the San Jacinto Ranger District.  The last few months have been very busy for the FSVA.  On the administrative side we have purchased a new point of sale system for the book store at the Ranger Station.  We can now accept all major credit cards using the Square system. This has increased our sales dramatically but this has presented some challenges for our Treasurer, Chip Hurn, which he is handling.   Jana (also board secretary) is doing great running the bookstore and getting new products to sell......

Searching for Summer Wildflowers

Searching for Summer Wildflowers

It's always fun to search for wildlife and native plants while hiking in the High Country. This entry is about some of the current wildflowers you can try to find when you are on a hike up to Tahquitz Meadow. Flowers are always changing so what is there now will probably be gone in a month or so. Good luck with your search! .....