Happy Holiday best wishes

Hello fellow volunteers,

As I write this note I am very thankful for all the great volunteers I am honored to know in our group.  As mentioned at the volunteer appreciation party (sorry if you could not attend) we have a great group.  John Ladley mentioned that the FSVA is the only volunteer group on the forest that does not need to obtain funds from the Forest Service to accomplish its mission.  I am very proud of that.  It is because of the Board of Directors and the great volunteers that this is possible.  Jana does a great job supplying the bookstore with  lots of things the public wants to purchase.  Chip is there to keep the funds in order.

Our group has been very understanding adapting to the new change in wilderness rules about the day use permit.  For the last almost 20 years I have been telling visitors they need a permit and I know it is hard to make the change but hopefully by the next quota period this coming summer the rules will be amended.

As we enter the winter season I hope we get snow and lots of it.  It is possible we will not but we still need to remember to stay safe out there and tell the visitors to do the same.  One slip on a tiny piece of ice can make for a very bad day.  I have slipped on my share of ice but can say I was always able to walk out to my car.  Even in my driveway I made it back to the house!  Our coordinators Rick and Chip will advise you of conditions during the winter.

Norma and I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to seeing you all soon-Refresher training in April if not before.  Thank you for your support and friendship!

Bob Romano President FSVA







Mid summer news

We have reached the middle of the busy summer vacation season here in the San Jacinto Ranger District.  The last few months have been very busy for the FSVA.  On the administrative side we have purchased a new point of sale system for the book store at the Ranger Station.  We can now accept all major credit cards using the Square system. This has increased our sales dramatically but this has presented some challenges for our Treasurer, Chip Hurn, which he is handling.   Jana (also board secretary) is doing great running the bookstore and getting new products to sell......

Searching for Summer Wildflowers

Searching for Summer Wildflowers

It's always fun to search for wildlife and native plants while hiking in the High Country. This entry is about some of the current wildflowers you can try to find when you are on a hike up to Tahquitz Meadow. Flowers are always changing so what is there now will probably be gone in a month or so. Good luck with your search! .....